September 21, 2022

Explore the energies of the equinox with Tabytha's channeled guided meditation infused with healing music tuned to 432 Hz. This 7 minute meditation helps you connect to the neutrality, equal energies and tranquility of the equinox. Connect with nature, release stress and experience serenity. You can use this meditation in March or September when the Equinox occurs.


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Meditation and Music written and performed by Tabytha Polaris

Instruments Used: Voice, Crystal Sound Bowl, Drone

Music produced by Tabytha Polaris

Recording Engineer Brendan Keenan

Recorded at Cove City Sound Studios

Video & Photo Artwork by Lars Doerwald of LD Elements

Release Date 2021


Relax your body, close your eyes and connect with your breath. 

This is a magical moment in time to embrace and tap into the energies of the equinox. The sun has crossed the celestial equator. This is the time of year when dark and light are balanced. The days and nights are close to equals and are nearly the same length of time. We experience globally equal night and equal day. We are one, we are in sync we are balanced. 

The earths axis neither points toward ,nor away from the sun. The tilt of the Earth is zero, relative to the sun. The planet is in neutrality. The sun shines directly on the equator creating balance on a global level. The earths axis is perpendicular to the suns rays.

Reflect on how to align with neutrality, peace, serenity and balance. We all deserve this moment to breath and center our selves. Embrace this energy shift and become one with mother earth. Positive and Negative energies are equals. Every living being on the planet is experiencing this at the same time. It truly is a magical moment of the year, when we can focus on unity consciousness and be still. 

Take a few deep breaths and as you inhale take in this moment of peace. This is the ultimate neutrality experience, a zero point in the collective consciousness. Be still and feel this incredible balance of energy.

As we enjoy these comforting energies of balance we prepare for changes as well. The north and south hemispheres are transitioning into new seasons. Time to brush off anything holding you down from reaching your full potential. Let go of things that no longer serve you and embrace all the possibilities for your greatest and highest good. 

Connect with your breath again and exhale and release any energies, thoughts or feelings holding you back. Release pain, fear and all negative emotions. Visualize them floating out of your cells, out of your body, out of your spirit, out of your soul, out of your energy field. They drift away. 

Now you have space to let in more light, love, joy, peace, balance and serenity. Visualize beautiful healing light, high frequency energy and happy thoughts entering your energy field. Take a moment to absorb these beautiful vibrations and frequencies. 

During the Month of March the Northern Hemisphere experiences the shift into spring, and the Southern Hemisphere transitions into autumn. We can prepare for these new energies and experience this change together as one. How exciting it is to launch into new weather patterns and experience the divine beauty of the planet. 

Use this time to launch yourself into new refreshing emotions, experiences and thoughts. Focus on riding this energy shift with mother earth. You can easily match your energy to this planetary event and change your perception of reality. Yes beautiful brothers and sisters this is the key. For as you transition out of the zero point neutrality of the equinox, you can embrace the seasonal changes and new fresh perspectives.

What will you do with your time? How will you change your life to live the life you desire? Who do you attract? Who do you let go? What no longer serves you? What do you want to focus on? What will you do with your time? 

Please realize how powerful you are to use energy, thoughts, words and feelings to make all your dreams come true. You can make a change right now. Focus on what you want to accomplish or attract into your experience. What is your desire for yourself and the world? Feel the excitement of this time and the electric energy of change flowing through your body. 

Now call in your angels, your spirit guides, all saints, the violet flame collective, the guardians of light, the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the beautiful christ consciousness, all high frequency beings of light and love and the ascended masters. Call in your animal guides, the elementals, the kingdoms of light. God we call upon thee please hear our prayer. 

We ask for protection, comfort, guidance, assistance and the highest blessings as we as a planet, as a collective consciousness, come together as one during this equinox. 

We ask you to assist us in balancing the energies within ourselves and the planet. That we may heal as individuals and a community all pain, suffering and chaos. That we may experience the blissful peace of neutrality and zero point. That we let go of all the pain and suffering from the last season and openly embrace the lighter energies ahead. Hold us in light and love as we transition into new seasons and changes. 

We give thanks for this assistance and support. We give thanks for these many blessings. All is good, All is good, All is good. 

~ xoxo Tabytha





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