October 04, 2022

Reduce physical pain by listening to Tabytha's channeled guided meditation infused with healing music. This 10 minute meditation helps your body and mind relax to enable deep physical healing. Release what does not serve you, visualize your pain floating away, experience deep states of relaxation, serenity and peace.


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Words and Music Written and Produced by Tabytha Polaris

Tabytha Polaris: Vocals, Crystal Sound Bowl, Rav Vast Drum

Brendan Keenan: Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar

Recorded at Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove NY

Recording Engineer Brendan Keenan

Release Date 2021


Find a quiet space and relax in a comfortable position. Now it is time to connect with your body and have a moment of self care. You deserve this moment for yourself. Take a deep breath in and out. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice. Continue to breath slowly, smoothly. Feel your body relax with every breath. 

Relax every area of your body from your head to your toes. Release any tension in your forehead, around your eyes, your mouth, neck, shoulders, upper back, arms, hands, lower back, your hips, legs, ankles and feet. Acknowledge all the areas of your body and release all the tension. 

Continue to breath in and out. Take in the air as you inhale and let it cleanse your body. With each exhale release what does not serve you. Let it all go. 

Now imagine a beautiful beam of white light coming down from the sky. This divine healing light shines from the heavens above and surrounds your body with healing energy. You are protected and safe in this sacred light. Continue to focus on your breath and gently breath in and out.

Bring your awareness to your physical body. What part of your body is relaxed? What part of your body stores the most tension? Connect with your physical body and become aware of each area. Your body is always changing and now is the time to check in and honor all your physical feelings. Just observe and pay attention to how you feel now. Be present in this moment. Breath, be still and observe without judgment.

Accept what ever physical pain you are feeling at this time. Now focus on the area of your body that you feel the most pain. Use your imagination and intuition. Look at the area of your body with your minds eye. What color is your pain? What shape is it? Is it light or heavy. Solid or transparent? Observe that part of your body. What do notice? What do you feel? What is your pain trying to tell you? 

It does not matter if this is chronic pain or new pain. If it was caused by an illness, accident, event, trauma or stress. What matters is that you are connecting with your body. You are honoring your pain. 

Now thank your pain. What is your body trying to tell you? Does your pain have a message for you? Do you have to leave a stressful job or unhealthy relationship? Do you have to slow down and find a way to simplify your life? Did you suffer an emotional trauma that is now manifesting in physical pain? Do you have an illness or experienced an accident? What ever the reason the pain is there to give you a message. So ask that pain for a message and take a moment to listen.  

Now say thank you. Take a deep breath in and out. Life is such a gift. Life is a blessing. Life happens for you, not at you. You are not a victim. You are in complete control of your body, mind and soul. You are a master manifestor and co-creator of this life experience. Our thoughts matter and your mind is powerful. 

Your body, mind and soul are all connected and effect each other. Give thanks for your body and the fact that it can heal itself. Give thanks for your mind that you have the power to control your thoughts. Give thanks for your spirit that currently finds a home in this beautiful magnificent vessel… your body. Take a moment to give thanks for your life, for the ability to feel and for the power to heal.

Now focus on your breath again. On your next breath, when you inhale deeply and think you can’t take in any more air, try to take in a little more. And then when you exhale and think all the air has left your body, try to let out a little more air. Now try ….breath in and take in a little more air and exhale out and let even more air out. Very Good.

Now go back to gentle relaxed regular breathing. You are now vibrating with healing love and light. Can you feel the power of your breath inside your body? Every cell can be reprogramed with the power of your thoughts. Every muscle and bone can be free of pain. 

Now place your hands over your heart. This is your heart center full of love and light. It is the essence of your being. This is the spot where your body, mind and soul connect. This is your power. Now feel that love from your chest flow into your hands, see the healing light of your body and take in that good energy into your hands.

Now if you can move your hands and place them over the area that you have the most pain. If you can not reach that is ok just point your hands in the direction of your pain. Now take all of that love and light, all of the healing energy from your hand and send it into that area of your body. Take in the healing. You are giving your body what it needs and it is healing itself. Imagine all the pain leaving your body, floating away outside your aura into the universe. It floats away and you say thank you.

Relax your hands, place them at your sides and breath. Observe your body again. Focus on that area you had the most pain. Now what does it feel like? Does it feel lighter? What does it look like? Is it the same color? Did the color change? Is the shape the same? Do you have less pain or no pain at all? Observe, acknowledge and be still. Honor that area of your body.  Now honor your entire body. 

You are grateful for your body and the messages it gave you today.

You feel relaxed, refreshed and full of peace.

Now it is time to open your eyes. Slowly stretch and gently move your body. Notice how you feel now.

You are calm. You are relaxed. You are at peace.

You are light. You are love. You are free. 

~ xoxo Tabytha




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