September 02, 2020

Why Raise Your Vibration?

ENHANCE YOUR INTUITION: If your vibration high it will be much easier to connect to your angels, spirit team, guides and light beings in other realms. These divine beings of light vibrate at a high frequency. By raising your own frequency you close the frequency gap. This makes it easier to ask for help and guidance, and receive your answers.

HIGH VIBES: It's super important to keep your vibration high to maintain your physical health and mental clarity. When your vibration is high your physical body will be healthier and you will feel happier. You will be more connected to your spirituality, intuition and universal life force energy. You will experience joy, love, peace, clarity and will be able to manifest anything you desire.

LOW VIBES: When your vibration is low you will find yourself with many physical and emotional issues. You will feel sad, heavy, depressed, sick and have a negative outlook on your life experiences. You will attract other negative people and situations. The good news is I will share with you many tools that can help you raise your frequency.

What Is Vibration?

Vibration is the frequency of your energetic body. Frequency is how high or low your energy is. Frequency can be measured by Hertz. If your frequency is high your energy is high. If your frequency is low then your energy is low. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency such as your food, plants, crystals, essential oils, animals and even the earth.

How To Raise Your Frequency?

FOOD: Eat organic fruits and vegetables. Eat clean healthy food and limit alcohol. 

LIFESTYLE: Eliminate toxic chemicals, synthetic ingredients and preservatives in your food, home and beauty products.

YOUR CIRCLE: Surround yourself with good, happy, successful people. You are the average of the 10 people you spend the most time with. Feel free to unfriend, block or snooze anyone on social media if they are negative or aggressive.

RECHARGE: Spend time in nature, talk to a loved one, find a hobby, do things that bring you joy. Follow your heart and always follow your joy to find pure bliss.

OBSERVE: Notice the beauty all around you. Observe your physical surroundings in detail such as the environmental elements, the stars sparkling at night, the sunrise or sunset, the animals and people.

MEDITATION: It's one of the fastest ways to develop your intuition, connect to your higher self and be present in the moment. Having a daily practice will open your intuitive abilities and keep you calm throughout the day.

BREATHING: Nothing like a few inhales and exhales to bring you back to center! Hands over your heart, close your eyes, inhale for 4 counts, hold for 4 and exhale for 4. Stand In Your Power and connect to your breath. 

THOUGHTS: Your thoughts matter! You are the master of your reality. What you think about attracts a similar vibration. So always be grateful and stay positive. When you find yourself slipping to negative thoughts flip the switch by thinking about something you are grateful for.

GRATITUDE: Think of something you are grateful for and focus on the present moment. Being grateful for your many blessings is the key to raising your vibration.

RELEASE: Let go of everything that does not serve your greatest and highest good. You can ask your angels to help you release everything to find peace.

BE PRESENT: Do not worry about the future or dwell on the past. Be present in every moment and enjoy this human experience.


AWARENESS: The key to overcoming challenges is your awareness. When you fall back into old thought patterns or programs, experience someone else's pain or anger, or feel consumed with negative feelings or thoughts it is very important to do these three steps. First take a breath. Second become aware of your thoughts and feelings. Third think about or write down what you are grateful for.

EARTHING: This is a powerful way to bring yourself back into a high state of vibration. You can also go outside and place your hands or feet on the earth. Let Mother Earth absorb your worries, fears and pain. She will absorb what does not serve your greatest and highest good. You can also call in healing rays of golden sun light to transmute any negative energy. The light will always transform the lower.

CLEARING: Every morning it is very important to take a few deep breaths and get centered. Inhale your favorite essential oil and do a short meditation. You can burn sage or Palo Santo. At night you can take a delicious epsom salt bath and relax. Having these daily rituals will help you maintain a high energetic field.

What To Expect

You might notice when you vibrate at a higher frequency some people in your life will grow distant. I want you to know this is totally normal. People that vibrate at a lower frequency will feel uncomfortable around you. Like attracts Like. You will also notice new people that are high frequency or on the ascension path will be attracted to you like a magnet.

Stay In The Light

During your spiritual journey you will discover how to live in the light and shine your light. You will catch yourself every day and make adjustments to bring yourself back to center. You are a divine spiritual being having a human experience. Enjoy all the human emotions, be present in every moment and remember you are a co-creator of your reality. You deserve all that you desire.

So much love and light to all of you.

xoxo Tabytha

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