February 02, 2021

Light Workers Round Table 2 Linda Viviano and Gina Califano join Tabytha Polaris to share messages of hope and faith to guide you through these challenging times. We have fun, share wisdom and even pull some angel cards.


Light Worker Round Table Guest Info

Linda Viviano

Linda Viviano is a psychic medium, intuitive healer and reiki master teacher. Linda was a previous guest on The Tabytha Polaris Show Podcast if you want to listen her show was called Energy and Intuition Episode #2.

Discover Linda: https://lindaviviano.com

Gina Califano

Gina Califano is an experienced Yoga Instructor, Reiki and Theta Healer, as well an Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner. Gina was also a guest on the Podcast she was featured on episode #5 Connecting To Christ Consciousness as well as episode 32 Essential Oils for Emotional Health.

Discover Gina: https://ginacalifano.com

Tabytha Polaris

Tabytha Polaris is a Singing Light Warrior, Psychic Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master Teacher and Host of the Tabytha Polaris Show.

TABYTHA'S WEBSITE: https://tabythapolaris.com


JOIN THE TRIBE: https://tabythapolaris.com/pages/join-us

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