September 25, 2020

This is the story about the day I met Jon Bellion in the recording studio. I had the opportunity to tell him the story of how I discovered Cove City Recording Studios from his documentary video on YouTube. 

About The Day I Met Jon Bellion

It was Thursday September 24th 2020. I was at the recording studio recording vocals for my song Water. I walked out of Studio B to take a break and Jon Bellion was sitting on the couch in the break room. I got chills all over my body.

At this point I was debating if it was appropriate to approach him to thank him. I wanted to respect his sacred space in the studio so I resisted the urge to ask for a photo and tell him I was a fan. I decided to quickly tell him the story, thank him and grab the opportunity. I said, "I am here because of you." 

He turned to me and said, "really?" I then explained that I watched his videos on YouTube of his behind the scenes footage recording his songs at Cove City Sound Studios. It was then that I decided to record my first album at this exact studio. 

Full Circle Life Moment

I told him that this was truly a full circle moment for me and how much he inspired me. I couldn't believe that I was recording my first original song at this studio because of him and that he was actually here on the same day I was. It was truly a gift or nudge from the universe that I am truly on the correct path.

He smiled and said that's amazing stood up, reached out his hand and said, "Hi my name is Jon." I said, "Hello my name is Tabytha Polaris". His manager was in the room also and asked me about my meditation album. Richie Canatta the studio owner (Billy Joel's Sax Player from the original band) must have told him about my Rav Vast Drum and my Meditation Album. Jon said, "You play drums?" I said, "No I am a singer but I play the Rav Vast Drum it's like a hand pan." Jon said, "Oh Cool." I told them I did not have it with me today because I was working on vocals. I then said, "Good luck with what ever you are working on today." (So I was completely embarrassed I said this. I should have said have fun on what ever you are cooking up in the studio or something like that but I was a little nervous. I then walked away went back into my studio and said to my producer Brendan Keenan, "I just met Jon Bellion!" He smiled and said that's so cool he is a really nice guy.

Jon Bellion Stupid Deep Acoustic Video

Let's pause for a moment and take a break from the story. I want you to watch Jon Bellion's video of his song Stupid Deep. This is an acoustic version that he recorded live at Cove City. (No lip synching, it's a live performance at the studio.)

Now the other part of this story that is really funny is earlier that night when I first arrived at the studio I bumped into Jon Bellion's manager but did not know who he was or that Jon was in the studio. We actually had a great conversation. So when I was talking to Jon his manager said, "so you didn't know who I was or that Jon was here when we met earlier?" I said no I had no idea lol. It was pretty funny.

Anyway as I sit here at my computer writing this the next day I am so grateful for the opportunity to have met Jon and thank him for inspiring me. I did not ask for a photo. I did not tell him how much I loved his music and how refreshing his sound is. I did not tell him that he is on my dream board to produce one of my songs. I did not ask him to listen to my music. I did not ask him to be my producer. Maybe one day I will. I did get the chance to thank him, tell him the story and for that I am grateful. 

About Cove City Sound Studios

My experience recording at Cove City has been amazing so far. Everyone is so nice and talented. I feel like they are all my musical family and it's my second home. If you are a musician and I highly recommend this studio.

To visit Cove City Sound Studios website click here

About Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He was born and raised in Lake Grove, New York on Long Island. He is best known for his single "All Time Low"

To listen to Jon Bellion's music or watch his videos visit his website click here.

You can watch the documentary on YouTube that inspired me to record at Cove City Sound Studios below...

I hope you enjoyed my story of the day I met Jon Bellion. It was an awesome experience.

Follow Your Joy

I urge all of you to follow your joy. It's never too late to pursue your dreams, change careers, move, travel, create art or do anything you desire. Listen to your heart and follow what makes you happy. I promise you if you do the universe will conspire to help you. It's much more enjoyable living this way. Don't make excuses, don't figure out how it's going to happen, just do it. Take the first step and listen to your intuition. 

xoxo Tabytha

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