January 21, 2020

Have you ever instinctively put on a song to make you feel better? Do you find comfort in the beautiful sounds of music? If so have you ever wondered why? Well I did some research and discovered the world of music frequency healing.

Growing up as a singer I experienced such joy expressing myself through music and could feel the joy of the audience as I performed. It was a shared experience of audience and performer that was so profound and rewarding. Now I realize that music is not only entertaining but also very healing for the energy field. 

Music Therapy

According to studies done at Harvard University Medical School music therapy decreases pain perception, helps relieve depression and improves overall quality of life. Exposure to music has an amazing effect on the physical body. It also has a profound effect on our vibrational energy field.

What is Frequency?

Music is sound and sound is a vibrational frequency. Every specific note has a tone that can be defined by a specific frequency. For example A440 or A4, which has a frequency of 440 Hz, is the musical note of A above middle C. This is the standard note musicians use to tune their instruments so they can all match up and play together. If you are not a musician just know that every note has a specific frequency pitch and can be measured and defined by Hz = Hertz. 

Measuring Frequency = Hz

The Hertz (Hz) is a unit derived from time which measures frequency. Frequency is how often something happens. A frequency of 1 hertz means that something happened once a second. The note middle C (in the middle of the piano) is 262 hz (261.65 to be exact). This means there are 262 vibrations every second, which is heard as the note Middle C, when that note is played.   

Raise Your Frequency

Now hang in there... every organ has a frequency, our chakra energy centers vibrate at a certain frequency, everything we are and every living thing around us is vibrating at a specific frequency. When we pray or meditate we raise our vibrational frequency and when we are angry we lower our frequency. Music frequency sounds effect the frequency of our body, mind and soul.

Intentional Sound Healing

Now to understand how sound healing works... By intentionally selecting a specific note / frequency / Hz one can intentionally effect the frequency of body. I will use Chakra Balancing as an example.

The Seven Main Chakra's

There are seven main Chakra's, starting at the base of the spine through the crown of the head. These invisible wheels of energy keep us vibrant and healthy. Each chakra connects nerve centers that effect our organs and emotional states of being. It is important to keep these energy centers balanced, aliened and open.

Chakra's and Frequency

Every Chakra has a frequency that can be measured in Hz. (see chart below) To balance a specific chakra you would listen to the specific musical note (Hz) of that chakra. For example the heart chakra has a frequency of 639 Hz and listening to music with a frequency of 639 Hz can bring your heart chakra into balance.

Healing With Hz

The G note on a piano above middle C is called G4. After doing some research, I thought G4 would be a great note to balance the Root Chakra because it has a frequency of 392.00 Hz. However it does not match up exactly (its 4 degrees off) and this made me realize that I might need to tune my instruments differently.

I Tune My Instruments Differently Now

Remember I told you musicians use A440 to tune their instruments? Well now I tune my guitar and flute to A444 instead of A440 so I can access all these healing frequency tones exactly! Everything matches up exactly to these frequencies! If your a musician get yourself a chromatic tuner. Check out the chart...

The Solfeggio Scale and The Chakra System

963 Hz The Crown Chakra Spirituality
852 Hz The 3rd Eye Chakra Intuition
741 Hz The Throat Chakra Communication
639 Hz The Heart Chakra Love
528 Hz The Solar Plexus Chakra Power
417 Hz The Sacral Chakra Sexuality
396 Hz The Root Chakra Survival


These frequencies have the ability to heal and balance your chakras. Music without a doubt has healing powers! As you learn more about the Chakras and these specific frequency tones you will understand how amazing this is! 

My Original Music and Meditations With Healing Frequencies!

I am having so much fun in the recording studio integrating these healing frequency's into my original songs. I can not wait to share them with all of you.

Make sure you join the mailing list so you are notified when I release this music!

Love and Light,

Tabytha Polaris

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