January 20, 2020

Hello friends!

I wanted to share with you some information about the healing sounds of my Rav Vast Drum that you hear in my healing music and guided meditations, and how I stumbled upon playing it!

One day I was searching "sound frequency healing" on the internet. Somehow I went down a rabbit hole of learning about sound frequencies and instruments with healing tones. Eventually I stumbled across an instrument called the handpan. 

That lead me to a video of master player Sam Maher and a video of him playing the handpan in the subways of New York. My mouth kind of fell to the floor and I watched the video over and over again. I was mesmerized by the combination of percussive and soothing melodic sounds. I posted the video for you if you want to take a listen and then scroll below for the rest of the story.

I continued to do more research on the instrument because I decided I needed one of my own! However at that time no one was manufacturing new ones and the remaining drums in circulation were super expensive. That led me to discovering the Rav Vast Drum. 

Rav Vast is a metal drum with perfectly steel cut tongues and a unique sound. It has a hypnotic, tranquil, meditative, mystical sound. The Rav Vast drum was invented by a Russian enginear Andrey Remyannikov in 2013.

The Rav Vast Drum is made in Russia and is a similar instrument. I explored the website and discovered that each drum is handmade and is available in different keys. Each key sounds different. For example if you want a happy sounding drum you can purchase one in D Major. After obsessively watching all the video examples of every key I decided on Celtic B Minor.

So I purchased the drum and had to wait 6 months for them to make it and ship it to the United States. I was a nervous wreck thinking it would get lost in customs or damaged on the way over. I was so happy when it finally arrived at my doorstep. It was packaged in foam and arrived perfect. 

So I began to practice playing and then started singing melodies to the magical sounds. It was such a huge moment for me when I realized this would not only be the perfect writing tool for me but also define the sound of my original music and guided meditations. 

I feel so much joy playing this instrument and I love sharing the music with you. After writing for a year with the drum I have my first studio session booked this week. This is the beginning of an exciting journey and I decided to record my first single! Make sure you join the mailing list if you want to get notified when the song is finished. 

Love and Light,

Tabytha Polaris