January 17, 2020

This is the official announcement!

I have amazing news! Since I love to talk to people so much I thought a podcast would be a fabulous idea. The show will be called The Tabytha Polaris Show. The format will be a one hour podcast featuring expert guest interviews and discussions with friends on a different topic each week. 

Why A Podcast?

Well it's a convenient way to absorb information because you can listen while your on the go or doing other things!

I can envision this podcast to be entertaining, informative and enlightening. It will be another way we can bond, expand our consciousness and have fun learning together. I am so excited about this because I love to learn, teach and share!

Podcast Mission:

To raise the frequency of the planet, expand consciousness, assist in ascension, develop intuition, bring awareness to the holistic lifestyle, and how to live in a high vibration of joy and love.

Podcast Topics:

Expert guests will discuss topics such as spiritual ascension, expanding consciousness, developing intuition, connecting to your higher self, multi-dimensional living, sound frequency healing music, health, wellness, Essential Oils, holistic lifestyle, respecting and healing the planet, Reiki, meditation, crystals, astrology,  ancient civilizations, metaphysics, epigenetics, sci-fi and more.

Community Participation:

You will have the opportunity to submit questions for the show and participate on social media. Let's do this together! Once the show is launched I will give you directions on how to submit questions for the guests interviews and show topics. Do you have any topic suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

The First Show Will Be recorded on February 4th 2020. After I record a few episodes I will launch on many platforms such as Spotify and Apple Itunes Podcast.

Love and Light,

Tabytha Polaris

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