Reiki Sound Bath In Office

60 Minute Reiki Sound Bath combines Reiki and Sound Healing Instruments to create a sacred space for healing. Experience deep relaxation, stress less, ease anxiety, sleep better, enhance your immune system, amplify your frequency and expand consciousness.

Location and Appointment Scheduling:

The location of the session will be at Hands In Harmony Inc. Holistic Spa 828 Hempstead Tpke Suite 3 Franklin Square NY 11010

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Please plan on arriving 5 minutes before your appointment start time and prepare your travel time accordingly. 

About Reiki:

The gentle healing art of Reiki brings peace and balance to all levels of the body, mind and spirit. This powerful energy technique created deep relaxation, reduces stress, eases anxiety and accelerates the body's ability to recover from any trauma. Reiki restores the harmony in order to create balance of health and well being.

About Sound Healing:

Sound has a powerful effect on the human body and is science based. Sound frequencies effect the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies by stimulating the Vagus nerve. This nerve sends information to the brain and all vital organs. A variety of unique healing instruments, vocal toning and specific sound frequencies are used to create a deep state of relaxation enabling your body to heal.