Sound Bath Meditation Via Zoom

This is a 60 minute sound bath meditation session administered online via Zoom. During this healing you will receive a personalized sound bath meditation. We set an intention to personalize your healing, I guide you through short guided meditation followed by a traditional sound bath. All you do is relax in a comfortable position, listen to the healing sounds and be open to receive. I suggest using headphones and laying down with a blanket.


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Sound has a powerful effect on the human body and is science based. Sound frequencies effect the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies by stimulating the Vagus nerve. This nerve sends information to the brain and all vital organs. A variety of unique healing instruments, vocal toning and specific sound frequencies are used to create a deep state of relaxation enabling your body to heal.


Instruments may include Harp, Guitar, Tanpura, Gong, Crystal Frosted Sound Bowls, Tibetan Sound Bowls, Crystal Alchemy Sound Bowls, Rav Vast Drum, Frame Drum, Ocean Drum, Shamanic Rattle, Harmonium, Shruti Box, Native American Flute, Flow Chimes, Koshi Chimes, Crystal Triangle and the voice.