A Letter From Tabytha:

I am Tabytha Polaris the singing light warrior.

Welcome to our very special community! I am so grateful you are here.

My goal is to expand consciousness, raise the frequency of the planet and fill your hearts with joy.

I invite you to explore my original music, sound bath meditations, guided meditations (all infused with healing frequencies), private sessions Reiki sessions,  and the ascension wellness podcast called The Tabytha Polaris Show.

Music launching soon I will be sharing my ascension story through an artistic expression of original music that was just released and future videos, books, art, graphic novels and short films. 

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Love and Light, ~Tabytha

Professional Biography:

Tabytha Polaris is a singing light warrior who creates high frequency music. Her channeled meditations are infused with specific therapeutic tones and incorporate unique healing instruments such as her Rav Vast drum, Harp, crystal singing bowls, Native American flute, Gong, Shruti Box and Harmonium.

She also expresses her personal spiritual ascension experience through uplifting original music, that is a unique blend of alternative, new age and electronica genres. Tabytha is a proud graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts and The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. By combining her holistic health knowledge and experience as a professional singer, Tabytha has birthed a new musical contemporary sound that works to expand consciousness and entertain simultaneously.

As the owner of Hands In Harmony Holistic Spa for over a decade, she uses her intuitive empathic energy to provide various healing modalities to clients such as Reiki, Sound Bath Meditations and Raindrop Essential Oil Massage. She offers personal appointments in her sacred space in Franklin Square NY and online via Zoom. 

Tabytha also empowers others by teaching about Young Living Essential Oil products and how to live a happier life by embracing the holistic lifestyle. She is exceptionally gifted at sharing her knowledge of nature’s living energy by teaching workshops to help others find health, peace and a deeper spiritual connection in their life.

You can follow her weekly podcast, The Tabytha Polaris Show, where she interviews light workers and holistic healers who offer various insights. Provocative topics are discussed in the metaphysical, spiritual and alternative health fields. Listen on all podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apply Podcasts, iHeartRadio and Pandora.

Tabytha’s mission is to expand consciousness, raise the frequency of the planet and fill all hearts with joy. She works towards this by channeling her higher self in music, meditations, books, graphic novels, art and videos. After launching 7 Spheres of Light, a guided meditation album to balance the 7 main chakras ,she  was inspired to write original music.

Elemental Codes a her first 4 song EP inspired by Earth, Air, Fire and Water. She is thrilled to announce it is now available as a digital download on her website and will be released on 8/12/2022 on all streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. 

In the fall the goal is to launch her app that has been under development that will house a community forum, live streams and all her guided meditations, sound bath meditations, sonic sound scapes and healing music.