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Open Your Heart and Mind as We Explore Topics To Support Your Spiritual Ascension and Holistic Wellness Journey.

About The Podcast:

Listen to The Tabytha Polaris Show weekly wellness podcast released every Tuesday. Provocative topics are discussed during guest interviews in the metaphysical, spiritual and alternative health fields to expand consciousness, raise frequency and assist in your spiritual ascension. The show often concludes with a short guided meditation infused with healing music written by Tabytha.

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Show Credits:

Theme Song Credits: Show Theme Music written by Tabytha Polaris and recorded at Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove NY.

  • Recording Engineer: Brendan Keenan
  • Vocals and Rav Vast Drum performed by Tabytha Polaris
  • Didgeridoo performed by Adam Hakim.

Show Recording: The Podcast is recorded by Hands In Harmony Inc.

  • Recording Engineer Episodes 1-5 : Tom Greer
  • Recording Engineer, Editor and Producer: Tabytha Polaris

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