Raindrop Reiki Session 3 Pack In Office

Raindrop 3 Pack

This is a discounted package of three traditional 60 Minute Reiki Raindrop Sessions. This treatment combines aromatherapy, reflexology, sound frequency and Reiki to create a healing and cleansing gentle massage. Specific Young Living essential oils are applied in a particular sequence along the feet and spine with various energy techniques. This treatment will support your immune system and provide emotional support. 

Receive 3 sessions at a discounted rate with no expiration date.

*Packages can not be shared by multiple people and are intended for one single client to support healing and awakening.*

Location and Appointment Scheduling:

The location of the session will be at Hands In Harmony Inc. Holistic Spa 828 Hempstead Tpke Suite 3 Franklin Square NY 11010

To schedule your appointment please click here.

New clients please fill out the intake form click here.

Please plan on arriving 5 minutes before your appointment start time and prepare your travel time accordingly. 

The Raindrop Technique:

This treatment rejuvenates the mind and balances the body. The essential oils applied to the feet and back include Valor, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Copaiba, Cypress, Marjoram, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Aroma Siez and Ortho Ease.

About Reiki:

The gentle healing art of Reiki brings peace and balance to all levels of the body, mind and spirit. This powerful energy technique created deep relaxation, reduces stress, eases anxiety and accelerates the body's ability to recover from any trauma. Reiki restores the harmony in order to create balance of health and well being.

Healing Crystals:

Crystals have been known throughout history for their healing properties. By combining the natural healing properties of crystals with Reiki healing energy both are made more powerful.

Young Living Essential Oils:

Essential oils are natures living energy and balance every system in the body. High frequency oils such as Northern Lights Black Spruce and Frankincense are diffused and used on the practitioners hands during Reiki.