432Hz Energies of the Equinox Guided Meditation - Digital Single (Audio)

Explore the energies of the equinox with Tabytha's channeled guided meditation infused with healing music tuned to 432 Hz. This 7 minute meditation helps you connect to the neutrality, equal energies and tranquility of the equinox. Connect with nature, release stress and experience serenity. 

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432 Hz Equinox Guided Meditation Project Credits:

Tabytha Polaris: Vocals, Crystal Sound Bowl, Rav Vast Drum

Brendan Keenan: Keyboards

Recorded at Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove NY

Produced by Brendon Keenan and Tabytha Polaris

Mixed and Mastered by Brendon Keenan

Video Edited and Animated by Lars Doerwald of LD Elements

Music Composed by Tabytha Polaris and Brendon Keenan

Lyrics Channeled and Written by Tabytha Polaris