August 17, 2022

Exciting news everyone my first collection of original music is now available to download or stream! It's a 4 song EP called Elemental Codes and I wrote these songs after being inspired by the elements of Water, Air, Fire and Water. The music can be described as ethereal alternative pop. My intention is that you will be entertained and inspired by the healing codes contained in these songs.

Lions Gate is my favorite portal so that was my release date plan.  On 8/8/2022 I released Elemental Codes on my website for digital download and then on 8/12/2022 it was available to listen on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and all the places! If you don't know what Lions Gate is it is an amazing time of year to create something new and transform! 

I want to share how this all started. In 2018 I began to remember what I thought were dreams and would wake up exhausted. I would see visions of myself riding a white unicorn holding a large selenite wand flying over the earth through the stars. Other times I saw myself participating in a spiritual battle riding a dragon holding a sword flying through many dimensions. Sometimes I would just be in sacred land on earth working on restoring energy and activating the crystal grid.

In 2019 I started to write down my dreams and began writing song lyrics and music inspired by what I was experiencing at night. During the day my consciousness was expanding as I was learning, growing and spiritually awakening. I started searching on line to see if anyone else was experiencing what was happening to me. I found many and started to wonder if I was traveling to other dimensions or participating somehow in working with light during the night.

In 2019 - 2020 Recorded 4 songs in the studio. I also realized I was able to communicate with my higher self and also see other versions of myself in other dimensions. I wondered if this was real or dreams. Further research confirmed scientists actually proved there are other dimensions (check out the many earth theory) I discovered quantum computers calculate in other dimensions (mind blown). I didn't know what to think.

Anyway I wrote down everything I was seeing and thought this would be a great book or short form movie series. So currently working on a graphic novel to share these visions. The songs I wrote also reflect this entire experience of what I have been learning, seeing and experiencing. 

Every photo, song, episode, story are inspired by my dreams and day visions. I feel like I have given birth and I have co created something magical with the universe. I hope you enjoy the songs and all the creations to come.

Elemental Codes Project Credits:

Recorded at Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove, NY

Recording Engineer Brendon Keenan

Produced by Tabytha Polaris and Brendon Keenan

Mixed and Mastered by John Arbuckle 

Album Artwork by Lars Doerwald of LD Elements

Album Photo by Missy Lou Photography

Music Composed by Tabytha Polaris

(Earth Codes co-writer David Connolly and Air Codes co-writer Brendon Keenan)

Lyrics Written by Tabytha Polaris

Released in 2022


Water Codes: Vocals and Rav Vast Drum performed by Tabytha Polaris, Male Backing Vocals performed by Dennis Del Gaudio, Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Programed Drums and String Arrangements performed by Brendon Keenan.

Air Codes: Vocals, Kalimba, Rav Vast Drum performed by Tabytha Polaris / Electric and Acoustic Guitar performed by David Connolly / Beatbox, Wurlitzer and Synth performed by Brendon Keenan.

Fire Codes: Vocals performed by Tabytha Polaris / Electric and Bass Guitar, Synth and Programed Drums performed by Brendon Keenan.

Earth Codes: Vocals and Flute performed by Tabytha Polaris / Drums performed by Peter Pizzo Jr., / Bass Guitar performed by Guy Brogna / Mandolin, Electric and Acoustic Guitar performed by David Connolly / Programed Drums and String Arrangements performed by Brendon Keenan.



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